Goodbye Google AdWords, Hello Google Ads: Google Rebrands AdWords to Google Ads

Google unveils Artificial Intelligence-aided ad tools to help marketers create effective advertising campaigns.

Google has come up with an enhanced marketing upgrade from Google AdWords to Google Ads

In 2000, Google had launched AdWords, a unique platform for displaying text ads with the most sophisticated features that allowed advertisers to reach out to their target audience and fulfill their digital marketing goals. In 2018, Google has decided to rebrand the platform. What is so far being known as AdWords, has now become Google Ads.


More about the ads and campaigns:

  • Responsive Search Ads

Google is more focused on making things simpler and relevant for its users. Powered by Google’s machine learning; responsive search ads help you set up ads with multiple headlines and a couple of descriptions. It allows you to create an ad that lets you show more relevant text to your customers. Over a period of time, Google Ads will automatically test different combinations to figure out which combinations are performing best. Responsive search ads can enable advertisers to create ads that are more relevant to their target audience’s searches and ultimately improve their campaign’s performance. The Responsive search ads will be in field by the next few months.

YouTube Brand Lift YouTube users watch more than 1 billion hours of videos every day all over the world; making YouTube a powerful platform to advertise your business. The search giant uses maximum lift by placing  ads at the right time for the users. Brand Lift provides insights into how your ads are making an impact including lifts in ad recall, brand awareness, purchase intent, and so on. It lets you optimize your campaigns based upon real-time results.

  • Local Campaigns

Growing usage of ‘Near me’ searches have led Google to focus more upon local campaigns. Now, with the help of automated services, local campaigns is intended to drive offline traffic exclusively to your shop. Advertisers need to provide business location along with creative ad, and Google will optimize your ads to send more buyers to your shop.

  • Smart Shopping Campaigns

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns help save time and resources and extend the reach of advertisers’ ads. With the help of Smart Shopping campaigns, now advertisers can simplify their campaign management, and maximize their conversion rate. This campaign combines automated bidding and ad placement to promote your products and services across various networks.


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