August 23, 2018

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. We request you to go through this Privacy Policy prior to dealing with us or interfacing/ interacting with our website – in the interests of your own privacy concerns or requirements which we regard as being of paramount importance.This Privacy Policy pertains to the personal identifier inputs that you agree to make available to us when you decide to continue with our website and to use the services offered by us on this site. This Privacy Policy also extends to how we deal with any personal identifier inputs that are shared with us by any third parties. However, our Privacy Policy does not extend to practices of any other entities or organisations that we neither own or regulate nor employ or supervise/ oversee.


Once you decide to register on our website to interface/ interact with the site and its pages or to avail of the our services offered on the site, we collect your personal identifier inputs as provided by you and/ or sourced  from third parties. At the point of registration, we will request you for you name, email address, PIN code, business/ avocation and such personal hobbies or areas of interest as would be relevant to our website content and the services we offer. Therefore, once you register with us, you stand introduced to us and your details – as mentioned above – become known to us with your consent, prior approval and concurrence.


The information so gathered by us would be used, by us, to:

  • Devise and suggest to you plans and designs best suited to meet the objectives you prescribe.


  • Improve and/ or redesign the website so that it optimally meets the aspirations and requirements of clients/ registered visitors like yourself.


Besides, when you log in with us, our server automatically receive and log information via your browser like your IP address, cookie acceptance norms, page requests etc. None of this information will be linked to the account you register with us and, save the identifier inputs provided by you while registering, no other information shall be used to identify you.


As and when this Privacy Policy undergoes any changes, we shall duly and prominently post details of the changes on this website including what exactly those changes entail by way of input/ information gathering, storage and utilisation. The details of the changes shall remain prominently posted for a period of 30 days after they are made besides the changes being incorporated in our Privacy Policy which would remain available for viewing to all visitors/ user. If at that stage you are not in agreement with the changes made, you may simply discontinue any further visits o this website and obviate the likelihood of our securing any other personal identifier inputs.


We know this Privacy Policy may not be perfect and you are welcome to contact us, over the email, with any suggestions which shall be duly considered and notified if accepted and implemented.