Benefits of Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

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For marketing/branding, both offline and online marketing techniques go hand in hand. However result of efforts and benefit of digital marketing can be observed and analysed in real time unlike the traditional offline marketing.

The reach through digital marketing can be filtered and one can target your audience according to various interest fields (age, gender, location, interest etc.)

For Example, If you have advertised in newspaper you won’t be able to estimate how many of readers have seen he advertisement or just flipped that page of newspaper but in digital marketing you can easily know how many people of your interest have seen it and what kind of engagement activity is performed, depending upon the interest.

Therefore the Return on investment (ROI) in digital marketing is higher than then offline marketing. Let us understand it in more depth.

  1. Website Visitors/Traffic

Benefits of Digital Marketing tools helps you to track the number of visitors on your website, in real-time. One such tool is Google analytics tool which is free of cost and most commonly used to know number of pages visited, what devices were used and the location of operation. There is a wide array of parameters to help you understand the type of audience and where is coming from. It also helps in identifying bounce rate.

These parameters can’t be estimated in offline marketing because this is difficult to know how many people have interacted to your salesman, how sales have been made

     2.Budget for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an area where you can do marketing for free as well design paid campaigns, depending upon your strategy.

If you have your website and focusing on the inbound marketing techniques like Search engine optimization, Social media, Blog marketing then you don’t have to spend much. The focus is mainly on the quality content which attracts the interested audience.
On other hand with Outbound techniques like online advertising, email marketing etc. are chargeable. The costs of these techniques depends upon the kind of visibility/results you want from the advertisement.

      3. Channels for Digital Marketing

Undoubtedly Digital marketing is future of marketing provides maximum reach via large number of channels. Offline marketing has newspapers, brochures, holding board, salesmanship etc in the kitty which has specific reach while online marketing is equipped with mobiles, internet, web sites, social media platforms etc. which have world wide reach.
It is very clear that online marketing very important in recent times and brands cannot afford to ignore it.

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