The 10 Unbreakable Laws Of Effective Social Media Marketing

The 10 Unbreakable Laws Of Effective Social Media Marketing



Social Media Marketing is a form of digital marketing in which the best social networking websites are utilized in order to achieve effective brand recognition. Social media is a powerful tool which calls for a blend of basic rules and innovative ideas.

Are you still struggling where to begin from? You can follow the following basic rules to kick start your brand online marketing strategy.

1.Less talk, More listen.

This is one mantra that will help you connect with the audience on any social media platform. Try to find an emotional connection with your target audience by looking carefully into what attracts them the most. Start a conversation that can add value rather than result in waste of time.

2.Be regularly available.

Gain the trust and try to maintain it. Improve your contact page by posting full details such as email address, phone number, international dialing code etc. so that customers can easily reach you. It is also very important to mention your work timings.

3.Principle of Focus.

Make a checklist of all the Social Media goals and develop the corresponding strategy. Make sure you have figured out who your potential customer is. Simply avoid copying. Remember, your task is to devise a working strategy for particular brand.

4.Add value by Quality and not just Quantity.

No matter what but content would always be the king in the digital world. Dedicate more time on producing quality content which is relevant to the brand/business and has potential to attract the target audience. A high quality content will always beat out a million average posts in the long run. Somebody who reads, shares and likes your posts on a regular basis is a much better connection than someone who disappears moments after the first connection.

5.Be Consistent and Patient.

Try to keep a good attitude while you are waiting for your soical media presence to grow. Have you ever heard of the term slow progress? Yes, social media marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. Make small efforts conistently to achieve the ultimate goal.

6.Sharing and discussing Content.

Whenever you share a story on Facebook it is likely to be shared on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit etc., hence the content gets shared with audiences on multiple social platforms and in turn creates more access points for people to find your content. So your availability on cross platform social media networks is very important.

7.Social Media Influencers.

Invest time and socialize with people who have similar brand image as your brand or have interest in type of business you have. Try to connect with people who have a good number of followers and are Social Media Influencers. You may share their content and try to interact with them.

8.Connect with your audience.

Make sure you keep acknowledging your audience so that they don’t feel ignored. It is important to deepen your bond with your followers by sending instant replies to their queries or appreciating them for suggestion or simply thanking them for any appreciation that you receive for your work.


Your audience is the most precious asset on Social Media so it is always good to reward people who make an extra effort to help you in building up the brand image.

10.Add that ‘X’ factor.

It is good to go by set rule but thinking outside the box is never out of trend. Lastly, add a unique identity to the business which reflects the brand image. It is also very important to work on visual content as people relate to images/videos more often and can remember it for longer.


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